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Annual Fund Appeal 2009

Thank you! everyone who contributed to our Annual Fund 2009.

If you haven't yet, it is not too late to help us meet our goal for funding our 2010 programs. We are still short of our $60,000 goal and we need one final push to meet it, so please help in any way you can.

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Upcoming Events

A Panel of College Students with Learning and Attention Difficulties

Thursday, January 7, 2010
7pm - 9pm. Immaculate Conception Academy, San Francisco.

Applying to college or choosing a college for the student with learning and attention difficulties is an important and sometimes difficult and confusing process.  Hear from the experts: college students with learning and attention difficulties.  Our students, all founding members of SAFE Voices, will discuss their experiences with:

The discussion will be facilitated by educational therapist and SAFE Voices advisor Nancy Cushen White. FREE TO ALL - Click here to register!

Dominique Baudry
Jahna Pahl

Where is the Manual for Recess? Helping Children Learn to Navigate the Social Demands of Recess and Free Time

Friday, January 22, 2010
9am - 11am. The Exploratorium, San Francisco.

Dominique Baudry, MS, Ed. & Jahna Pahl, MA, RDT, will share ideas on concrete strategies to ease some of the social anxiety of children and teenagers. They will discuss social learning groups and the role they can play in helping a child develop and expand their tools for handling social situations.  

Social learning groups provide a supportive and unique environment for children to learn and practice these valuable skills, such as how to join a conversation, how to join a group, how to figure out what is happening in a social situation and how to initiate and sustain conversations with others. Click here to register!

Movement as the Central Concept in Cognition and Curriculum

Thursday, February 4, 2010
7pm - 9pm. The Bay School, San Francisco.

With Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Oregon. Processing movement in its various physical, communicative, and psychological forms is our brain’s defining property.  The inability to effectively plan, process, and/or predict movement is thus a serious cognitive limitation.  

This non-technical presentation will explore the biological, cultural, and educational implications of movement, with a special focus on the roles that (1) mirror neurons play in developing our motor capabilities, and (2) the arts and narratives play in adding virtuosity, aesthetics, and mental exploration to movement. Click here to register!

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EdRev 2010: Register now!

Your Journey
from Self-Awareness to Successful Independence

AT&T Park, San Francisco

Saturday, April 17, 2010

 This year’s theme, Your Journey from Self-Awareness to Successful Independence, highlights the need for supportive services spanning the journey from early intervention through career launch. 

On your journey through EdRev 2010, be sure to stop off at our Roadside Attractions level, which will feature fun and enriching activities including:

Watch this space for more details!

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Service Providers

We would also like to invite LD/ADHD-related service providers to participate at EdRev as: 

Register at:

If you know anyone who you think should take part in EdRev, please forward these links to them!

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Teachers' Education Network

TEN is excited to announce 2 All-day Teacher Training Workshops in 2010:

A Praiseworthy Brain in Search of a Brainworthy School

Friday, February 5, 2009
9am - 3pm. Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

With Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Oregon. Dramatic developments in the cognitive neurosciences are providing us with an unprecedented understanding of the modular organization and extended development of our social brain.  This workshop will (1) describe these new perspectives with a focus on the central roles that movement, mirror neurons, and the arts play in the development and maintenance of our brain, and (2) discuss their curricular and instructional implications. Click here to register!

The Classroom Management of ADD & Anxiety

Friday, April 16, 2010
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

With Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. Intended for audiences of teachers and other educational professionals, this lecture focuses on  stress and the non-medication management of ADD in the classroom.  The presentation offers specific, concrete, and practical ways to manage ADD in a mainstream classroom.  The same principles can be used in other settings, such as home or special classrooms, as well. Click here to register!

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SAFE Voices

College Panel - This Thursday!

On Thursday evening, January 7th a panel of college students will describe and answer any and all questions regarding the transition to college for students with learning and attention difficulties. The students on the panel come from a wide range of four year undergraduate institutions, and therefore individually and as a group, they represent an array of higher educational opportunities that students with LD/ADHD have at their finger tips.

Each of these students has learned to work the system at their respective colleges and each is able to articulate what is needed to make a smooth transition to college. More importantly, each will describe how to choose a college that will respect you, your learning difference and the unique form of diversity that you will bring to their learning institution.

Students, parents, and educators are invited to join us for this dynamic and unique opportunity to hear directly from the students who navigate college life successfully. Click here to register!

SAFE Meeting - This Saturday!

The next SAFE Voices meeting is this Saturday, 10-11:30am at the usual location. Please sign up online, and if it's your first time, email us at for more information.

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Volunteers Needed:

If you are interested in volunteering to help with either job, please contact Program Director Laura Maloney at


Many thanks to the following members who volunteered their time for various jobs this month:

Ann Farris
Barbara McGettigan

If you are interested in volunteering for PEN, please contact us!

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