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May 2009

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Welcome to our May 2009 Edition! 

Here we present Ed Rev 2009 in review, through comments received from attendees, and a view to the future of this unique event, to which we received such an overwhelming response. Also here is a listing of the winners of the "Talented & Learn Differently?" contest, and the text of the poem read at Ed Rev by LeDerick Horne of Project Eye-to-Eye.

We would like to invite all our members - and any prospective members - to join us for the final PEN event of this academic year, our annual Parent Meeting, this Friday May 15.

Ed Rev 2009 - In Review

Former Charles Armstrong student James Appleby kicking off the day with the Star- Spangled Banner. 
We set what we thought was a very optimistic goal of 1000 for attendance at Ed Rev 2009; in the end, over 1200 people attended! We are especially pleased to note that over 50% of sign-ups for our first student-centered conference were students! We also had well over 100 exhibitors, speakers and career advisers. You can still download the full program here.

We are very excited to have created such a valuable event for students, families and professionals. We'd like to share some of the feedback we've received about the event from attendees:

"I loved the day! From the opening speakers, through the presentations and projects and being on the field and watching the Jumbotron. I loved spending the day with my 13 year old son and his friends. I will definitely get more people there next year. THANKS."     
"My son is 21. He spent his entire secondary school education in 'special education' classes. What misery. He loathes school. This event was the most healing and exhilarating experience I've had regarding his future. Thank you, thank you."

Attendees at the Resource Fair inside AT&T Park.  
"I was soooo impressed! And inspired. I thought it was a great way to discover all the resources that are out there and not always so easy to find - even with the benefits of the Internet. I'm a co-chair on our school's Learning Resource Committee and we are always looking for new sources so this event was especially insightful. Plus I was able to drag my son and husband along because - heck- how often does one get to run the bases at a real ball park? I was also very grateful to all who works so hard to put this event on. Thanks for all the hard work and effort."

"Thank you so very much for putting such a wonderful event, I have spent years trying to advocate for my son (LD; ADD, anxiety, depression, OCD) this event opened up a wealth of resource, that I had no idea existed. I could listen to Mr Mooney speak every weeked, and never tire of him, he was the reason we came, but we left with so much more. This day did not suck! In fact my son and I left with our hearts full, him wearing a smile that I do not often see. Thank you...please do it again!"

Keynote speakers Jonathan Mooney and David Flink 'backstage' at AT&T Park
"It was simply wonderful and PEN should be so very, very proud!"

"As a parent of a dyslexic college student I think it was wonderful for the whole family. She loved it, my husband learned what it felt like to be dyslexic and I learned about new products and approaches. We all networked!"

"I hope that we will be able to have the annual ED REV event at AT&T Ball Park each and every year. It sends such a powerful message of acceptance and "normalcy" to the attendees and those who see the flyer but cannot attend. It was just fantastic! Also, the poetry was marvelous. How about bringing in some type of music plus an ED REV anthem? Top marks to PEN!!!"   
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom addressing attendees on the Jumbotron
"Great job. I am so impressed and thrilled to have participated in this event. It was fabulous for my children to see hundreds of other families and know that there are the majority of the people in attendence had some form of LD. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

You can now watch the televised address given by Mayor Gavin Newsom at Ed Rev 2009, and the video slideshow of SAFE Voices members and famous people with LD, on our homepage.

The day was also attended and reviewed for the San Francisco Examiner by their Special Education correspondent Robyn Hansen - read her review here.

And finally, we would like to take one more opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible!

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Contest Winners

Thank you and congratulations to to all the students who submitted creative work to our “Talented and Learn Differently?”contest and had their work displayed at Ed Rev 2009. The winners were as follows:

Max Strebel's film "Words" playing on the Jumbotron at AT&T Park.
First Place Overall
Max Strebel: “Words,” a short film
Second Place Overall
Nika Simone Indigo Summers: “5 Poems”
Third Place Overall
Sarah Maloney: “Barbie Gets Dyslexia”
Elena Hug: “Nude,” a charcoal drawing

Excellence in Interpretation of Your Experience with Learning Award
Anne Finne: “Dyslexia” essay
Sarah Maloney: “Barbie Gets Dyslexia”

K-8 Category
Audrey Grossman: “Knitted flower creation”

Honorable Mention Awards:
Inna Broadbent: “Pencil Drawing of a Dog”
Dylan Marcus: “
Michelle Murillo: Story – “A Christmas Freaking Miracle”
Benjy Stauss: “I-Star (Una presentacio en Espanol)”
Steven Wishoff: Video – “FLCL AMV”

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Dare to Dream

LeDerick Horne of Project Eye-to-Eye has very kindly allowed us to reprint the poem that he read at Ed Rev 2009:

Dare to Dream

LeDerick Horne reading his poem, "Dare to Dream" at Ed Rev 2009. 

We are gathered here today
to bear witness,
to bear witness to the union
of two beautiful people
Yes, today is the day that we merge
who you are
with who you want to be,
making the vision
and the reality – one
An integration
born of communication
and made tangible
by your commitment to yourself

Now, I know some of you might be afraid
but don’t let cold feet
stop you from jumping the broom,
from taking the first step,
from beginning a journey
that will transform your life...

Click here to read the full poem (PDF). 

If you'd like to hear LeDerick read it again you can buy his CD at his website.

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Join the Revolution!

Mentoring through art projects at the Project Eye-to-Eye booth at Ed Rev 2009.
We are already planning to repeat Ed Rev at the same time of year next year. We hope for another date in late April or early May, and should be able to confirm a definite date by August.

Please let us know if you'd like to volunteer for preparations for the conference, and what kind of work you would like to contribute. In particular we are looking for people who can donate the following skills: graphic design, PR, marketing, advertising, and fundraising. As always, every kind of help is greatly appreciated!

Also, if you are not yet a member of PEN, please consider joining to support us in our mission to empower and bring academic success to students with learning and attention difficulties. Membership is just $35 per year, or $350 for a lifetime.

And finally, we welcome your generous donations as much as ever - click here to donate!

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PEN Parent Meeting

PEN was founded by parents for parents. We would like to invite you to our annual meeting of parents. All parents, whether new members or veterans of our community of LD awareness and support, are invited and strongly urged to join us to share concerns and ideas, and help us plan for PEN's future.  

This organization's greatest strength is its grassroots membership and your involvement is integral to our growth and success. Please join us this Friday for the final PEN event of this school year.

Parent Meeting: Friday May 15, 2009

Time: 8:30 am Coffee, 9:00-11:00 am Meeting

Location: Our Lady of Mercy School, 7 Elmwood Drive, Daly City CA 94015

Cost: FREE

Click here to register!

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