“Environments are really what predict whether a student with LD/ADHD can be successful and encourages parents to focus on fixing the environment, not the kid.”
— David Flink

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Student Advisors for Education (SAFE)

SAFE is a student community that strives to educate, mentor, and support students, parents and teachers regarding the challenges and strengths of students with learning and attention differences. This unique group of teens is passionate about learning differently, pursuing their fullest potential and spreading awareness of their capacity for academic and life success.

SAFE meetings are facilitated and are open to 13-19 year olds who have learning or attention differences. Meetings take place once a month during the academic year. Students learn self-advocacy skills, support one another, perform community service and work on a specific project each year.

SAFE students also develop and participate in panels where they share their experiences as students with learning and attention differences in the classroom. SAFE student panels have spoken at teacher professional development meetings, middle schools and high schools, regional conferences, teacher training programs at University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University as well as companies like Google. 

Read This When You Can, a book authored by SAFE students with support from 826 Valencia has been used in teacher credentialing classes at Harvard University.

Currently SAFE chapters exist in California in Monterey, Sacramento, San Francisco, Silicon Valley.